Special Offer from Standard Bank

Standard Bank is offering an additional concessionary rate discount of 0.2% to selected applicants who do not currently bank at Standard Bank. Selected applicants will be offered this additional concession subject to the following conditions;

  • SBSA current account to be opened prior to registration;
  • Debit order to run off the newly opened SBSA current account;
  • Acceptance of the offer is presented in the signed Concession letter

How much is this really worth? Well, on a 20-year home loan, for every R1 million of loan, the savings to the home owner will be approximately R33,000.  The bigger the loan, the bigger the savings.

‘Just another reason to use Silent Partners as your bond originator, and to get the best deals on offer from all of the major banks.

Please feel free to contact us  and get your new home loan pre-qualified now. Also speak to us about moving your bond for a better rate if you feel your existing home loan rate is too high.