Silent Partners leads innovation.

Durbanville based independent banking consultants, Silent Partners,
have pioneered a service that is disrupting the mortgage bond origination industry.

Brian Woodland, Silent Partners co-founder and former Standard Bank VAF Regional Manager.

Brian Woodland, co-founder of Silent Partners, explains that the idea behind the online bond origination service was for an originator that could provide a fully online service to clients trying to find the best home loan at the best interest rate. The concept was born in after asking customers how they preferred to interact with service-providers, and it became clear that more and more young home buyers prefer online services. In this way, they can get through the application process at any time of the day or night that they choose. They wanted an easier process when it came to home finance. What started as a standard bond-origination service within the Silent Partners business has quickly grown into an innovation that is disrupting the bond origination market and will soon be copied by other leading fintech players in the property industry.

Silent Partners allows its prospective home buyers to get a comparative home loan quote by applying on the client’s behalf to multiple banks using their innovative online application, at no cost to the client.

Gary Christy, Silent Partners co-founder and former Standard Bank Provincial Manager.

Besides being a pioneer in this space, Silent Partners remains a niche bond origination service offering a personalised service by senior bankers who are ‘hands-on’ in every application.  The ‘Silent Partners’ ethos and philosophy is one where the customer gets the best possible assistance from one of three experienced bankers who collectively share over 100 years of banking experience. In addition to the online aspect, Silent Partners boasts an approval record of only one bank decline since January 2017. An incredible testament to their commitment to fighting for every applicant, and their policy of pre-qualifying every applicant to ensure affordability before starting the more complicated full home loan application process.

The website went live in 2018 and is continually being  refined.

Small interest rate difference equals big money savings

Using a bond originator such as Silent Partners, a difference in interest costs of just 1% can have a huge impact on the client’s pocket in terms of their monthly repayment and annual saving. For example, on a loan of R1.5 million, a mere 1% difference in interest rate can save the home buyer R1,007.50pm. That’s R241,800 over the period of the loan!

When you realise that a 1% saving can mean a difference of almost a quarter of a million rand, it makes absolute sense to use a bond originator.

Ruben Manikam, Silent Partners KZN Head and former Standard Bank VAF Regional Manager.

Free Service

Silent Partners offers a free service to home buyers. We earn a referral fee from the major banks, and because the referral fees are the same from the banks, we have no interest in favoring one bank or another. The best deal for the customer is the one that wins the business.

Get Pre-Qualified

For serious potential home buyers, Silent Partners will pre-qualify you, and issue a pre-qualification certificate. This shows sellers and estate agents that you are a serious buyer, and that you have verified affordability. This is another free service from Silent Partners.

Unlike many originators, we do not just ask for your personal details and your income and expenses in order to pre-qualify you. This method often leads to disappointment when that dream home is found and a final application is assessed and closely checked by the banks. At Silent Partners, we do upfront credit checks (at our expense), proof of address checks, proof of ID checks and assess your income and expenses against your bank account. Once we issue a ‘Pre-Qualification Certificate’ you can be pretty sure that the banks will approve you.

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