Get pre-qualified for this property.

Are you keen to buy this property, or something similar, but not sure if you will qualify for a home loan?  Let us get you pre-qualified so that you can approach the seller with confidence. We deal with all reputable, registered estate agents, and with genuine home buyers.

Use our 100% online pre-qualification form at you convenience. The form is dynamic and will adapt to your circumstances intuitively.  For the best experience, first create an account on our site. This is not a prerequisite, but it will enable you to save your partially completed application and return to it again to make amendments or complete it before submitting.  Once you finally submit, our auto-responder will email you with a short list of supporting documents.

Not only will we let you know what you can afford, but we will do all the necessary checks (Credit checks, Proof of Residence, Bank accounts, Employment etc.), so that you will have no surprises when you finally apply at the banks for your home loan.  If we pick up any problems, we will share them with you transparently, and guide you with what to do to improve your application.

We work with all registered estate agents, and with all major banks, and so our independence is assured.

Why use Silent Partners? We are a team of retired ex-bankers who have all held senior positions in the banking industry.  We know how banks think, and we know how to ensure that your home loan application has the best chance of approval, and at the best possible rates. Over 100 years of experience is available to you, and you will get personal, individual attention directly from us, not from a call center or ‘admin assistant’.

So, get pre-qualified here now, and know for sure what you can afford, and that the banks will fight each other to give you the best deal. 


Want to speak to us direct? You can get Gary Christy on 071-370-5250, or Ruben Manikam on 083 2656743, or Brian Woodland on 071 173 3722.