Nedbank Allows Further Loans Against Existing Bonds

We are happy to announce that for a limited period, Nedbank will be accepting Ordinary Further Loan applications submitted via Silent Partners. This is with effect from today, 22 June 2020.

Please take note of guidelines herewith below:

  • Loan To Value (LTV) offered is maximum 90%
  • Minimum loan amount considered is R50 000
  • Further Loans will be considered for Salaried and Self Employed clients. Self Employed clients must have an existing transactional account relationship with Nedbank’s Relationship Banking Segment (RRB). Business Banking clients are out of scope.
  • Professional Banking is in scope which falls into the RRB segment.
  • The minimum standard supporting documents is required as for a New Loan, excluding the Offer to Purchase 

Out of Scope (No submissions may be made if the application falls within the listed below)

  • Further building loans
  • Vacant Land
  • Business Banking
  • Nedbank Private Wealth

Contact Silent Partners today to get your application rolling.

Covid-19 Bank Relief Arrangements

We are happy to inform you that we’ve managed to get some feedback from our banking partners regarding much-needed payment holidays and debt relief for customers. Some banks will be doing formal press releases in the coming days, but they have given us the go-ahead to share the information with you in the meantime.  

Each of the following banks has set up dedicated contact centers to manage queries and applications for debt relief and payment holidays, however, call volumes are high and it is putting a lot of strain on their service levels and turnaround times. They ask that customers please be patient – they know these are stressful times – they are trying their utmost to get to every customer as soon as they can.

Should you have concerns around home loan repayments or any other related debt relief, you can redirect them to the following:

  • Absa will pre-screen customers and send an SMS offering this capability to their customers who will opt-in or out.
  • Customers can make contact with Absa using the following e-mail address:
  • This is effective 1 April 2020.
  • Nedbank Home Loans clients can make contact via 0860 553 573, however, call volumes are high, so if you struggle to get through you can e-mail for assistance.
  • Should you want to enquire about a Moratorium/Payment Holiday you can e-mail Nedbank at for assistance.

We hope that this will assist some of you with your cash flow in the coming months, and will give you some peace of mind.

Young Professionals Home Loans

Silent Partners is pleased to announce the launch of ABSA’s Young Professionals Home Loan proposition where First Time Home buyers up to the age of 35 can apply for up to 105% bond with a maximum purchase price of R1 500 000. The proposition is open to Young Professionals with Read More

Get pre-qualified for this property.

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Not only will we let you know what you can afford, but we will do all the necessary checks (Credit checks, Proof of Residence, Bank accounts, Employment etc.), so that you will have no surprises when you finally apply at the banks for your home loan.  If we pick up any problems, we will share them with you transparently, and guide you with what to do to improve your application.

We work with all registered estate agents, and with all major banks, and so our independence is assured.

Why use Silent Partners? We are a team of retired ex-bankers who have all held senior positions in the banking industry.  We know how banks think, and we know how to ensure that your home loan application has the best chance of approval, and at the best possible rates. Over 100 years of experience is available to you, and you will get personal, individual attention directly from us, not from a call center or ‘admin assistant’.

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Want to speak to us direct? You can get Gary Christy on 071-370-5250, or Ruben Manikam on 083 2656743, or Brian Woodland on 071 173 3722.