Flags of Convenience

Foreign flagging, also known as ‘flags of convenience’ (FoC), is the practice of registering vessels in countries other than the natural country of the owner/operator of the vessel in order to enjoy a more beneficial ‘citizenship’ that may be on offer. A ships registry that accepts Read More

Things to watch out for in your bond application

As a homebuyer, you don’t want anything to jeopardize your chances of closing on the home you’ve selected. Most people need to buy a home with a bond, it’s important to prepare so you’re a good candidate to get a home loan. Making any of the following mistakes could reduce the amount of financing you qualify for, result in a higher interest rate or cause a lender to reject your application. Read More

House prices outlook for 2018.

Not many people will argue that the first quarter of 2018 was an uncertain period with the announcement of Jacob Zuma’s resignation followed by corruption charges, the inauguration of the new president as well as the start of discussions for  government to proceed with land expropriation without compensation. Read More