Beware of Spam

 Cybercriminals can be master manipulators who use sophisticated, targeted phishing to exploit our human vulnerabilities. But sometimes cyberattacks can be a lot more generic – something simple that casts a wide net to try and catch you out.

This method is called mass-scale phishing or spam. It’s a ‘spray and pray’ approach and one of the most common types of cyberattack. It’s not addressed to you specifically, it’s sent to thousands of people, uses generic text and usually a very basic subject line.

A spam email (mass-scale phishing) usually…

How cybercriminals get us to click or download?

The only way to counter spam is to be vigilant – always. Protect yourself, your business and your clients’ information by acting as a Human Firewall. 

Apply the P.A.U.S.E. principle to every email: Look out for Phishy Content; Attachments/Hyperlinks; Urgency; Sender and Subject Line; Errors.
Always remember to stay alert and keep safe in cyberspace!
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